Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High Tech Organization

Here is a peek behind the scenes at our high tech method of organizing sets for our CD:

After (mostly) deciding what we will play we write the sets on paper scraps:

Every time we came up with an order we thought could work, we'd photograph it so we'd remember what liked.
In the motel room
At breakfast

By George! I think we got it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

To the (Paper) Moon

Thanks to a tip from our friend Janine Smith
we ate dinner at the Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore

Dessert was delicious!

Then we played for the dancers at Lovely Lane!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bonnets, banjos and berries

We finished out our Carolina tour with fabulous dances in Asheville at the Grey Eagle and Winston-Salem.

Sideways lines at the Grey Eagle!

With our caller Rodney Sutton
 Our pal Ivar Schloz was an amazing host. He fed and watered us, gave up his beds for the better part of a week, recorded us and let us play his instruments. We have been officially spoiled rotten!


Alan models Ivar's Scottish bonnet

After our recording session

Good times!

Our last night we stayed with Greensboro dancer Rod Edens.

You know you're at a friendly house when you are greeted by a "Welcome Dancer" handtowel!

Rod made us and AMAZING breakfast!

Can you spot Bill?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cats, sweaters, more mountains & rockin the house!

Well the day started off a glorious 65˚ and got better from there.

 Cat statues in Asheville!

Window shopping on our way to breakfast we spotted this sweater in a Scotland store. The golf course is distinctly guitar shaped.

Why? Bill. Because we love him!

Mountains through the smokestacks


Mountains through the trees
We had a rockin' house concert/contra/party at Stephen Stiebels House in Mebane. Eileen Thorsos called and we were joined by friends Bruce and Cary. It was a great day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hell Hot and Heaven Sweet

Today was much more relaxed. Being able to stay in one place three nights in a row is a real treat!

We spent some time in the morning tweaking tunesets on our friend Ivar's sunny back deck while he was out playing Frisbee Golf. We soaked up up the spring sun, drank Ivar's coffee, wrote a tune we called "Pon Hoss Rag" and wondered how on earth "Frisbee Golf" is played.

Then we went for breakfast at The Local Joint in Fairview. Everything was soooo goood, but the best were the blue cheese potato chips. Yum!

We played with jelly beans

Fiddler Fingers and Jelly Beans

This is not a cat

On the way to the gig we saw:
Preaching Hell Hot and Heaven Sweet
Cycle-Antiques-Ice Cream

Another night at the delightfully funky River Falls Lodge! We had a blast with caller Beth Molaro!

Musician's Eye View of the hall. (Note fake rat center stage. This what we looked at while we played.)

A nice chill-out before bed!