Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hell Hot and Heaven Sweet

Today was much more relaxed. Being able to stay in one place three nights in a row is a real treat!

We spent some time in the morning tweaking tunesets on our friend Ivar's sunny back deck while he was out playing Frisbee Golf. We soaked up up the spring sun, drank Ivar's coffee, wrote a tune we called "Pon Hoss Rag" and wondered how on earth "Frisbee Golf" is played.

Then we went for breakfast at The Local Joint in Fairview. Everything was soooo goood, but the best were the blue cheese potato chips. Yum!

We played with jelly beans

Fiddler Fingers and Jelly Beans

This is not a cat

On the way to the gig we saw:
Preaching Hell Hot and Heaven Sweet
Cycle-Antiques-Ice Cream

Another night at the delightfully funky River Falls Lodge! We had a blast with caller Beth Molaro!

Musician's Eye View of the hall. (Note fake rat center stage. This what we looked at while we played.)

A nice chill-out before bed!

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