Saturday, March 9, 2013

Headless Mural, Radio Times, River Falls Funky Fun


We desperately need a car wash.

We started our day with a visit to Larry Brown's shop in Weaverville NC. Larry is a luthier who makes gorgeous fiddles and guitars.

Then we headed over to visit Wayne Erbsen at WCQS to record a segment for his radio program Country Roots which will air Sunday March 10 from 7-9pm. (Live streaming here )

We were intriqued by the mural across the street from the radio station.

Did the head used to be on the building? Was this poor planning and they just ran out of room? Maybe the artist wasn't so good with faces? .......

Then onto the hall at River Falls which is one of the funkiest community halls we've ever seen. It's full of very wonder kitchy stuff and has a SWEET dance floor!

Corachree with Caller Dean Snipes
Dancing at River Falls

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