Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday: Pon Hoss, Left Aid, Foamhenge and Old Farmer's Ball

We left Bridgewater VA after a yummy breakfast at a funky diner with our friend and host Sandy Parks. Sandy and Jane made a fetching picture while horsing around with the flower arrangement and daring each other to order "pon hoss" (which turns out to be a kind of scrapple with fewer questionable ingredients.)

 The diner had a couple quirky features that begged documentation:
An inexplicable baggie full of water
hanging from the entrance awning
A basket of free cassette tapes

 A quick stop at the local Rite Aid in Harrisonburg provided an opportunity to meet the neighbors with a sense of humor

We stopped at Mark Cline's fantastic Foamhenge, a full-scale replica of Stonehenge constructed from styrofoam.

We didn't climb the hill because the snow and mud were scary slippery.

Arriving at Warren Wilson College for our first dance of the tour - MOUNTAINS!

Dancers at the Old Farmers Ball

After the dance with the team for the night! Corachree with callers Tom Calwell and Myra Hirschberg and our amazing sound crew Weogo and Mike. And Jane with Holly, who invited us to come play. It was a very fun  dance!

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